Client Feedback

“Although we haven’t even finished the [decluttering] process, I can already feel massive benefits in my life. Not only does the house have more physical space, I find I have more mental space as well. The result is that good habits flow more easily and consistently. Thank you for helping me to live a healthier lifestyle.”

DK, Oxfordshire

“I know I’ve thanked you before but thank you again for guiding me through the process that changed my life and helped me to find and value myself again. You are such a lovely, thoughtful and caring person and I am so lucky that you came into my life. A big hug.”

GS, Warwickshire

“The flat is altogether more peaceful. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Selina to anyone seeking harmony and balance in their home and working environment.”

IB, London

“The session with Selina was a great experience… Selina was very supportive throughout and I learned to reassess, stay true to myself and make the best decisions for me.”

JC, Cheshire

“Selina has the gift of enabling me to gain clarity within my life. She challenges me to be the person I was always meant to be.”

LM, Manchester

“This work has helped me greatly. Selina, you are a very warm and loving person, you shine very brightly.”

HF, Manchester

“Your style of facilitation is so loving and supportive, I felt safe and in the presence of genuine caring. The information and practical steps we covered have been just what I need to feel able to go forward with confidence.”

HL, Manchester

“20 out of 10, you’ve been brilliant” I can’t fault your commitment or enthusiasm.”


“Selina is helping me with chronic fatigue, which I’ve had for 20 years. Very quickly, she’s helped alleviate my feeling of overwhelm. With her help, I’m learning to put my health and wellbeing above all else and I feel positive I’ll continue to grow in strength and vitality and finally put the chronic fatigue to bed! She’s patient and light in her attitude. I feel heard and gain results and learning at every session. She’s very generous, caring and fully supportive.”

NB, Wiltshire

“From the moment I met Selina, she appeared like a fairy godmother, magical, kind and powerful! Throughout my life I’ve struggled with clutter and organising my space. It’s been a couple of weeks now and my bedroom has never been so peaceful, serene and organised – ever! I no longer feel paralysed or overwhelmed by my own home. I so much look forward to doing some more work with Selina’s support in the next few weeks.”

MB, High Peak

“I feel so happy; really, really pleased. You make decluttering so easy – I know I’m not going to miss those things at all but I’d probably have put a lot back if you hadn’t been there asking me questions. The world needs your skills and talents!”

DG, Cumbria

“My feng shui consultation with Selina has definitely made my home a more positive, peaceful and special place to be. Specific areas I wanted to improve have started to materialise. I no longer get headaches and my office is now better organised and less oppressive. Selina’s skill, expertise and insight as a Feng Shui practitioner have been most beneficial.”

SW, Gatley

“Selina recently assisted me with a KonMari wardrobe experience. I’d been questioning why I needed help sorting my clothes out but am truly converted. Selina coached me with highly insightful questions and I now have a wardrobe of clothes that inspires me every time I open it. I work with energy all the time and the old energy released during the experience was palpable – from my perspective I know this will also impact my business in a really beneficial way. I highly recommend Selina, she is a true master of space clearing.”

SW, West Sussex

“Working with Selina has changed my life! I highly recommend her to anyone needing a firm yet gentle hand decluttering. Her insightful questions invited reflection and ACTION. Best of all, it was easy & fun! She gave me incredible clarity about important issues and I easily let go of what’s no longer working. She gave me confidence to turn with excitement to what’s next.”

MG, Hong Kong

Hi, my name’s Selina. I love coaching people to create restful space at home and work.


Whaley Bridge,
High Peak,

Hi, my name’s Selina. I love coaching people to create restful space at home and work.




Whaley Bridge,
High Peak,